Empower’s programs are focused on the value of community wraparound and the family unit, emphasising team-based care and collaboration. Aware that many at-risk individuals are trapped in a cycle of isolation and negative behavior patterns, our programs are highly relational and community-based. This enables the individual to build trust in a safe and consistent environment as he or she navigates the process of establishing new and healthy behavior patterns.

The Empower team is volunteer-driven, highly collaborative and diverse. Drawing on the wide range of knowledge and skillsets available to us, Empower also provides practical training and upskilling, giving individuals the tools they need to capitalise on opportunities that arise.


What We Do

Community Development

  1. The Pantry
  2. Solo Parent Support
  3. Christmas Appeal
  4. Street Teams
  5. Matric Support
  6. Change Campaign

Education Development

  1. Primary Education Support Programmes
  2. High School Support Programmes
  3. Tertiary Support Programmes


  1. Workshop
  2. Training
  3. Seminars

Job Creation

  1. Workshop
  2. Training
  3. Seminars

Emergency Relief

We partner and donate to organisations locally to help in emergencies around our city and nation.